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VAF Viscotherm® V-92

Series V92 Model VC Electronic Component System


The benefits of accurate viscosity control
with Viscotherm:
Viscosity control of fuel oil for combustion engines is a necessity because of unpredictable quality of fuel.

Prevention of engine damage and reduction of maintenance, next to efficiency
improvement, are essential to the financial bottom line.

Your advantage using Viscotherm V92
Designed to save time and raw material
in-line measurement of viscosity will give you
the possibility to optimise your process and
instantly obtain the required quality of final
product. No samples have to be taken and
bulky mixing vessels are no longer necessary.


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Applications of Viscotherm V 92
  • Viscosity control of intermediate and heavy fuel oils used for main and auxiliary diesel engines on board ships.
  • Viscosity control in oil-fired power plants
    and other industrial applications using
    heavy or intermediate fuel oils.


 Technical specification  
 Viscotherm® sensor  
 Viscosity range:  0-25 mPa s and 0-50 mPa s are standard. See 'Ordering Information' for other ranges.
 Flange connections :  DN 50 (2”), DIN PN 40 bar is standard. DIN PN 100, ANSI and JIS flanges at extra cost. See 'Ordering Information'
 Body :  Steel ASTM A2 1 6.WCB
 Capillary assembly :  Steel and stainless steel; stn.stl/glass from range 0-200 mPa.s
 Gear pump :  Stainless steel
 Temperature :  Fuel oil max. 200°C (392°F); ambient max. 60°C (140°F)
 Fuel flow rate :  Max. 35 cu.m/h
 Response time :  Approx. 1 minute
 Accuracy :  Better than +/- 2%, provided that mains power frequency is a constant 50 or 60 Hz
 Electric motor  
 Supplyvoltage :  See 'Ordering Information
 Insulation class :  VDE 0530, Class F. Tropical insulation acc. Lloyds Register of Shipping.
 Protection class :  IP55; ex-proof motors IP44
 Power consumption :  50 VA (AC motors, not ex-proof); 90 VA 1220/380 VAC, 3 ph, ex-proof and
DC motors); 120 VA 11 10/190 VAC, 3 ph, ex-proof motors)
 Weight sensor/DPT ass'y :  32 kilos



  • Long term accuracy and reproducibility
  • Resistant against line pulsations
  • Type approval certificates from all major
    classification authorities
  • Continuous on-line viscosity control

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